Who is Black Motion?

Black Motion is a musical brotherhood pioneered by the maverick Robert “Murdah” Mohosana and his spirit brother in life and music Damanola Thabo “Smol” Mabogwane. They are both from Soshanguve in Pretoria, South Africa, which is the precise location from where their love and interest in music was nurtured as far back as 1999. They would often meet in a shack after school and listen to music in their homemade studio.They recall watching television shows like Jam Alley, Studio Mix, Selimathunzi and YoTV and wishing they could be there. Unknown to them, those very desires would project and propel them straight to a world of authentic musical connection.

Black Motion first captured the world’s attention in 2009 with their strict interpretation of soul-awakening sounds. Their performance style fosters a connection with crowds at all their performances across continents. The 10-year Black Motion journey has resulted in a musical catalogue of 6 studio albums and over 40 chart-topping hit singles. Their music isn’t only created for entertaining the Black Motion tribe but also for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and consciousness-raising. Thabo “Smol” has articulated his connection with the Universe every time he beats the drums, he describes the feeling as a healing session with the audience. He gets into a trance and feels a direct connection to his ancestors and audience through cannabis being a catalytic element.

Their brotherhood has been described as supernatural owing to how synchronised yet undiluted their bond is. Their polarized individualism is evident in their levels of discipline, creativity and trust for each other.

Their close friends have nicknamed them, “the modern age Mpho le Mphonyana.”

Both Murdah and Smol have evolved as global citizens who have a unique perspective on local and international status quos and are always willing to impart their experience and knowledge to their Black Motion tribe across the world. If one is blessed to spend time off-stage with the duo, what will shine through are their joyful, loving and respectful characters. During a conversation with them, you can soon realise that they not only represent musical excellence but are also universal culture thought-leaders. A typical dialogue with them in their ornate Black Motion house garage is around, “every household improving their quality of life by planting their own supply of local vegetables to decrease poverty. Let’s get off the electricity grid by using turbines or solar power as an alternative power source which is all aligned to the united nations sustainable development goals.

Their unique performance style fosters genuine connection with crowds at all their global performances across continents. They’ve performed in Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya, Switzerland, the UAE, Croatia and Mexico continue to be re-booked each year to perform across the world. This rapid success led to their singles being licensed for compilation CD by top DJs. These include Oskido, DJ QT, DJ Mmthi, Fresca, Dj Choice, Dj Black Coffee and Adil, to name a few. Black Motion has also made inroads in the broader SADC region and has a strong following in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland as well as Zimbabwe. The duo earned a South African Music Award in 2015 for Best Dance Album, a ChannelO music video award nomination, MTV African Music Award nomination, AFRIMMA, Five Metro FM award nominations.

In 2016, Black Motion signed a global licensing deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa which springboarded the distribution of their fourth studio album: “Ya Badimo”, a fitting tribute to their ancestors, and continuation of their storytelling through music. About this new moment in their career, they shared, “With this album and our partnership with Sony Music we want to continue to tell our story through our music and say to every African child that, it is possible to dream, however have a plan of action to achieve that dream.” Ya Badimo was certified gold in just six weeks from its release, and this brought recognition to their unique approach to, “telling their life story through purpose-driven music.”

At the 2019 South African Music Awards, the duo won both Best Dance Album for Moya Wa Taola, and Duo or Group of the Year. They were recognized for their contribution to African music landscape alongside their fellow modern-day giants including Sho Madjozi and Black Coffee.

From the release of their first tune, “Banani Mavoko” to their latest chart-topping hit featuring Afrotraction, “Everything”, they have been amongst South Africa’s most influential performing artists.

Explore 2020 and beyond with the Black Motion Tribe!

With no signs of stopping their trailblazing record, Thabo and Robert have been aligning the Black Motion mission to leverage their celebrity for meaningful change. They seek to further connect with millennials by realising common goals, investing with impact, and developing mission-driven businesses with the aim to benefit society both environmentally and socially. 2020 and beyond will see them supporting water conservation across Africa, standing up for the rights of indigenous African healers, launching cannabis-focused ventures across the global legal cannabis market, and engaging with the Black Motion tribe to further the character development of the new, conscious, modern man The Black Motion tribe will also be treated to the latest merchandise at upcoming events. A product launch is underway for the first quarter of 2020, alongside the launch of the Black Motion Foundation & a village museum.

It’s a new dawn for the African artist.